Potato seeds yield calculation

From Microplants to G0 minituber

For each microplants, 1~2 G0 minitubers can be yield, depending on potato variety. Around 3 months are required before harvest.

potato microplants

From G0 potato minituber to G1 potato seeds

To plant one hectare of field, 60000~80000 pieces of G0 minitubers are needed. From G0 to G1, 90~100 or longer days are required, depending on variety.

Yield capacity for G1 potato seed ranges from 15~25 tons per hectare.


potato minituber yield calculation


From G1 minituber to G2 potato seeds, G2 to commercial seeds

From G1 to G2, one hectare plants 2500KG of G1 seeds. 25~35 tons can be yield per hectare in good field management. potato g1 seed yieldPotato reproduction rate is 10~15, which means tubers harvested from 1 hectares of early generation, can be replanted into 15 hectares for next generation.

potato g2 seed yield

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