In China, Mercurius owns 5 laboratories, as well as a group of greenhouse for potato minitubers tissue culture, all those 5 labs are scattered in northwest part of China, where the climate is suitable for potato growing and the pollution or contamination can be neglected.

Tissue culture laboratory

One complete tissue culture lab contains sterilization room, liquid filling and bottle washing room, air shower facility, cutting room, culture room, etc. All facilities must be sterilized before operation, and the labs adopts separated ventilation system to prevent air contamination to the microplants.

carts for potato microplant transfer
liquid medium filling
potato tissue culture cutting table
Carts for microplant transfer
Liquid medium filling
Cutting table
air shower room for potato TC lab
potato microplant culture rack
potato TC lab corridor
Air shower room
Culture racks
potato TC lab ventilation
potato TC lab artificial light
potato TC lab cutting platform
Ventilation system
LED artificial light
Cutting platform



When microplants are matured in the lab, they will be transplant into greenhouse for minituber growing. There are two types of greenhouse that we utilize: intellectual greenhouse for large scale minituber production, where the temperature, irrigation, lightening, humidity are all controlled by computer to save labor cost, and the manual greenhouse for the delicate minituber production, while all factors are controlled manually.

potato minituber greenhouse
potato minituber removable plant bed
potato minituber plants in greenhouse
Intellectual greenhouse
Removable plant bed
Before minituber harvest
potato microplant transfer
potato minituber before harvest
potato minituber plants in greenhouse
Microplant transfer
Seperation from Ground
Before minituber harvest

To avoid various contamination, all plants in the greenhouse are separated from the ground. Irrigation water and fertilizer are sterilized before using. Anti-pest mesh are placed in the ventilation entrance to minimize every potential chance of affection.

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