Potato Seeds Classification

The potato seeds can be classified into 2 categories, pre-basic seeds and basic seeds. We mainly provide the first category, pre-basic seeds.

The seeds are originate from Virus-free microplants, which are cultivated in tissue culture laboratory. During the technical process, virus are removed or cleaned at a limited level, while the impact on the following generation is eliminated or controlled at a minimized level. potato seeds classification

G0 seeds potato, also called potato minitubers, is the first generation coming from potato microplants. When microplants are matured enough inside the lab, it will be transferred into greenhouse for minituber growing. The harvest circle is around 90 days, depending on potato varieties.

G1 potato is harvested from G0 minituber, while G2 is the next generation of G1 seed potato. In Europe, the pre-basic seeds usually goes into G4 before selling to farmer for planting. In China, it normally goes to G2.

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