Potato Seeds Shipment Options

The package of our potato seeds

Our seed package has two categories, for potato G0 minitubers, it will be mesh bags plus carton box. One box holds 2000~5000 seeds, 10~16KG in weight. Stickers (shipping marks) will be adhered on the surface of box.

package for G0 potato minituber

For G1 or G2 seeds, the package will be mesh bags or jute bags. One bag holds 25KG of potato seeds. Tags including all information will be tied at one end of the bag.

packages for G1 and G2 potato seeds

Delivery of our seeds

The delivery options also vary according to seed grade:

For potato G0 minituber, since the quantity is big but the unit weight is very small, we will use air cargo delivery. Within 2~3 days, the seeds will arrive. For G1 or G2 seeds, we will use ocean reefer container, normally, one 40HQ container will hold 25~28MT of potato seeds.

delivery of potato seeds

Clearance documents to be provided

After delivery, we will mail all clearance documents to customer. Since different country requires different documents, our files vary according to local circumstance. Our standard package is:

  • Commercial Invoice (Can be attested by Chamber of Commerce)
  • Packing List
  • Airway Bill (Or Ocean Bill Of Lading)
  • Phytosanitary Certificate (Additional declaration can be added)
  • Non-GMO Certificate
  • Seed Certificate (If required)
  • Certificate of Origin

All documents will be original copy, mailed by courier.


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