Potato Seeds - Purple Potato seeds, minitubers

Purple potatoes are a variety of potato with a purple-colored skin and flesh. Purple potatoes are available year-round and are typically dry and starchy with a slight earthy and nutty flavor.

The extra antioxidants in purple potatoes make them even more effective than other potato varieties. Those antioxidants not only reduces blood pressure, but also strengthen immune system and can help prevent certain heart diseases and cancers.

purple potato tuber
purple potato plants
General information
Country of Origin United States
Plant features
Maturity Medium
Flower color White
Foliage cover Good
Tuber features
Tuber flesh color Purple
Tuber skin color Purple
Tuber shape Oval to round
Tuber Skin texture Smooth
Tubering features
Dormancy period Late
Tuber shape uniformity Medium
Tuber size Medium
Yield potential High
Utilisation features
Dry matter content Medium
Fungal disease
Dry rot Medium
Late blight Low
Wart High
Bacterial resistance
Common scab Medium
Virus resistance
Leaf roll High
PVA High
PVX High
Enviromental resistance
Frost Low
Drought Low

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